Zappaty, for personal and business use

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Who uses Zappaty?

Zappaty is ideal for both personal and business use – small businesses are seeing the benefits of using Zappaty as a low cost, secure alternative to other file sharing and transfer services.

Young woman using Zappaty on her laptop to share large files

Personal Use

Whether it’s sharing large videos, photos, or content folders with friends, Zappaty is a great way to get your files to your people.

Zappaty for business use, team collaborating on a project

Business Use

We transfer your large files securely and quickly – helping you to collaborate and complete important projects and work with clients, customers and partners.

Young woman gamer sharing files on Zappaty from her PC

Video Games

Zappaty can help video game developers and players share and collaborate on projects quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost.

Music producer sharing their files on Zappaty

Film & Music

Whether it’s video, audio or hi-def photography, Zappaty is a secure way to transfer your creative important work.

Young creative team of three sharing their concepts on Zappaty

Creative Design

Sharing large designs, CAD files, concepts and mock-ups couldn’t be easier with Zappaty.

Female architect sharing designs with Zappaty

Architecture & Infrastructure

Transferring and sharing large projects, whether domestic or commercial, and giving access to key individuals and teams.

Three marketing and advertising people sharing files on Zappaty

Marketing & Advertising

Transfer media-rich files with permissions and controls over who accesses the content.

Two lawyers sharing documents securely with Zappaty

Legal &

Transfer legal and financial data and files safely and securely, perfect for use with extra security and compliance.

Man using Zappaty for his warehouse business


Send and receive large models, drawings and commercial/shipping documents.

Man viewing medical imaging, about to send with Zappaty

Financial services

Transferring documents securely to safeguard your clients and their personal information

Man viewing medical imaging, about to send with Zappaty


Advanced medical imaging file transfer can be handled with Zappaty, securely and efficiently.

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