Download to Send files

Download our Windows app now to send files securely. If you’re sending for the first time, you can register first or register following the app download.

Download to receive files

To receive securely encrypted files from a Zappaty user, you’ll need to download our app – no registration is required to receive files.

About the Zappaty app

You may wonder why you need an app to send and receive files. Well, Zappaty encrypts files to add extra layers of security and privacy, and this is done using the app before the files leave your machine. Also, the receiver needs the app to decrypt the files and send any changes back seamlessly, without having to register, bringing true two-way collaboration and ensuring you don’t rack up costs as Zappaty has unlimited sending and unlimited users.

For minimum system requirements, you will need a PC running Windows 10/11 for both the sender and receiver of files!
MacOS client coming soon.

Information about the Zappaty app and our quick start guide, should you need it, can be found on our Support page. We’re always interested in what you want us to add next to the Zappaty app, so you can send us some feedback here