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Frequently Asked Questions

Zappaty FAQs

Unity FAQ

Q. Why can't I upload my Unity Project?

A. It is important that your Unity files are placed directly in the local root folder you attached to Zappaty.
Please ensure your Zappaty project folder looks something like the below:

General FAQ

Q. What is Zappaty?

A. Zappaty is the world’s first back-up and collaboration platform specifically designed to work with Unity.

Zappaty was born out of frustration with the complete lack of simple and cost-effective collaboration and storage solutions that worked properly within game development.

Small to medium games development studios can breathe a sigh of relief as project collaboration and secure storage in Unity is now possible with this game-changing technology.

Q. What platforms does Zappaty support?

A. Zappaty currently only supports Windows 10/11. macOS will be coming soon.

Q. How many users can I collaborate with using Zappaty?

A. Every Zappaty plan includes unlimited users.

You’ll need to create a new user and Project Access Token for every new device and collaborator you want to add to your Unity project.

Q. Does Zappaty offer technical support?

A.Once you subscribe to Zappaty you’ll be able to request technical support from the Zappaty team through the Support Portal which can be found in your Zappaty dashboard at

Please note, the Zappaty team are based in the UK and are available to respond to your support tickets within the operating hours of 9am-5pm BST Monday to Friday.

Q. How easy is it to use Zappaty to merge changes?

A.Using Zappaty removes the reliance of complex external processes to merge changes across your project.

With Zappaty, you can instantly update and commit your changes across your entire team with the click of a button in the Unity engine.

Q. What’s the difference between Zappaty and Unity Collaborate?

A. Collaborate has upgraded to Unity’s version control system, Plastic SCM.

Zappaty is the perfect solution for game developers with a need for a simpler and more cost-effective alternative to Plastic SCM, Unity’s complex, integrated collaboration tool.

Q. What’s the difference between Zappaty and GitHub?

A. Zappaty allows you to work on the same scene files at the same time, whereas GitHub requires you to use branching externally to the project in Unity. Branching in GitHub can typically be a lengthy and complicated process and can pose a higher risk of losing your Unity project..

Zappaty eliminates the need for branching or other external process traditionally used to merge and commit your project changes. Do everything directly from Unity with Zappaty. It’s a no brainer!

Q. What’s the difference between Zappaty and Perforce?

A. The essence of Zappaty is that it's super simple and barely an inconvenience to use. Perforce provides a huge range of features designed for large development teams. Zappaty is designed to get you started really quickly and to provide just the features games developers need.

Once you download, install, and connect Zappaty to your Unity project you can make changes to scene file objects and your team-mates can receive these changes at the click of a button. This new way of working reduces the risk of merge clashes and conflicts.

Zappaty allows you to "Sync Up" and "Sync Down" as you develop with a simple button click, keeping everything super simple and saving you extra time and stress so you can focus on developing your game.

The integrated Unity features allow you to see what your whole team is working on. This especially helps in today’s culture of home working.

With Zappaty there is no need to create and manage your own servers for storing data.

The Zappaty end-to-end solution manages the whole process for you so you can spend your time and resources on what matters most, developing your game.

Subscription FAQ

Q. What subscription tiers are available with Zappaty?

A. Zappaty offers different plans to suit your collaboration and storage needs, subject to the Zappaty Terms of Service.

Zappaty Solo – for projects up to 10GB
Zappaty Pro – for projects up to 50GB+ - COMING SOON

Q. How easy is it to start using Zappaty once I subscribe?

A. Using Zappaty is a very simple process and only takes around 5 minutes to set up.

Once you’re set up Zappaty continually works in the background, so you don’t have to worry about backing up your game files or merging and committing changes to your project across your team.

Get Started with Zappaty in less than 5 minutes. Add unlimited users to your Unity project in Zappaty.

Subscribe to the Zappaty YouTube channel for quick access to official Zappaty tutorials and game developer content.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription before the end of my commitment period?

A. Once you subscribe to Zappaty you’re able to cancel your subscription at any time during the first month your subscription is active.

Q. How many machines can I connect to my Unity project in Zappaty?

A. Every tier of Zappaty includes unlimited users, meaning you can connect an unlimited number of machines to your project if so required.

Q. What payment methods can I use for my Zappaty subscription?

A. Zappaty accepts all valid credit cards.

Q. Do I own the content I create with my Zappaty subscription?

A. Yes, you fully own the content you create with Zappaty’s help, even if you cancel your subscription.

Q. Do you have a special price for students?

A. Zappaty is the most cost-effective collaboration and storage solution for Unity developers. We do not currently offer a special price for students.

Q. When will my monthly subscription fee be charged?

A. Zappaty will charge you from the day you sign up, and on the same date each subsequent month.

For example, if you start your subscription on the 28th of the month, your direct debit will be charged on the 28th of each following month. If that date does not appear in the next month, your subscription will renew on the last day of that month.

Q. In what countries is tax charged on a subscription?

A. Zappaty collects purchase tax on subscriptions where it’s required by law. Please contact your local tax authority for details in your country of residence. Providing us the relevant tax numbers may allow you to not pay tax and we will pay it for you. This will be calculated automatically at the point of purchase.

Q. What currencies can I pay in?

A. Zappaty currently accepts payment in: British Pounds (£), Euros (€), and US Dollars ($).

Q. Can I upgrade my subscription?

A. Yes, you can upgrade your Zappaty plan at any time. Zappaty only charges you for the storage you require for your Unity project.

Q. Will my Unity project break if I upgrade to a new version of Zappaty?

A. No, you will not lose or break your project if you upgrade to a new version of Zappaty. Any data stored by Zappaty will be usable by newer versions of Zappaty.

Q. Can I use Zappaty offline?

A. No, while you will still be able to work on your project offline, you must be online to use any Zappaty features such as Sync Up/Sync Down, and the Locking/Warning options in Unity will not update.

* Legal Disclaimer

The information contained in this FAQ is provided to you “AS IS” and does not constitute legal advice. Zappaty makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this FAQ.