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Share large files instantly and securely

Use Zappaty to share, back up and collaborate on large files and folders. The secure and easy way to send and receive huge files globally.


Send your files securely

Zappaty helps individuals and businesses send files of all shapes and sizes around the world. For both personal or business use, file sharing has never been so easy and secure. It only takes a few clicks to send and all files are fully encrypted before they leave your PC.

Get large files easily

Receive large files from friends, colleagues or businesses around the world, easily and with minimum fuss. A few clicks and you can download their secure file.

Welcome to Zappaty - we transfer large files

Use Zappaty as part of your personal or business life to get large files from A to B quickly, securely and easily. Zappaty reduces the frustration of broken internet connections, getting your important files there in one piece. Let Zappaty do the heavy lifting.


That extra peace of mind

Secure transfer, getting your important files to their destination.

Man using Zappaty in office setting
Professional man using Zappaty to share files securely from his PC

You’re in the driving seat

With no file expiry and access controls, you call the shots.

Saving you money and time

Out of the box, low-cost solution that deals with dropped connections and poor internet.

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Two young women using Zappaty on their laptop

No limitations, no complications

Zappaty is global – easily share your files and folders around the world in a few clicks.

Ready to send files?

Start sending files in just a few minutes, with Zappaty's downloadable file sharing collaboration and backup tool.


Very large files

Sending files up to and over 2TB – no problem with Zappaty. In today’s feature-rich content world, you need more capacity.

Unbroken file sending

Zappaty deals gracefully with poor and broken internet connections – no need to continually restart your send, Zappaty’s clever tech.

Unlimited file transfers

You can send as many files as you like within your plan, we base our service on storage making it fairer for everyone. Subject to fair use policy.

Secure & reliable encryption

Zappaty encrypts files before they leave your machine, safe sending and storage with Zappaty.

Two-way transfers

Within any plan, you can have two-way file sharing and collaboration at no extra cost to you or the people receiving the files.

Unlimited users

As using Zappaty is based on storage, you can have as many users sharing without a cost per user.

Who uses Zappaty?

Zappaty is ideal for both personal and business use – small businesses are seeing the benefits of using Zappaty as a low cost, secure alternative to other file sharing and transfer services.

Creative digital agency at work with Zappaty
Ready to send files?

Start sending files in just a few minutes, with Zappaty's downloadable file-sharing collaboration and backup tool.