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about our toolkit

Zappaty was born out of the frustration of a group of Unity games developers who were fed up with the problems associated with using existing backup and collaboration toolkits with the Unity platform. We hated having to learn complex command-line syntax to achieve even simple collaboration. So we invented Zappaty. Written by Unity users for Unity users and available from directly within the Unity editor.

Created By Unity Developers

We feel the pain of Unity developers when trying to get collaboration platforms to work with scene files and large image files. We work great with these.

Reliable All The Time

Big files means big uploads. We struggled with poor internet connections and solutions that don't tell you what they're doing. ZAPPATY is stable and reliable.

Scene File Support

We wanted to be able to collaborate on the same scene file at the same time. So ZAPPATY lets you do this. lock Game Object or Assets while you work on them - its all the same to us.

our goal
is amazing simplicity

We want to make ZAPPATY so simple to deploy and use, you'll almost forget it's there. Download and get started in minutes and add project users in seconds.

We also wanted to make it easy for companies to use, so one person can register to get started, then you can add project users simply and effectively. Once the Unity plug-in is installed, you only need the simple access token to get started with collaborating with other users.