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Zappaty File Access

To access your files, you need to download and install the Zappaty software.

Download the Zappaty software using the button below.


Windows 10/11 only

Install the software on your computer.

Open the Zappaty software and enter your access token, following the steps below.

How to add the access token to Zappaty

Access Token

Below is the format of the token you would have received via email:


Please use the access token in the specified format when entering it in to Zappaty.

Click Up Arrow In Sysyem Tray
Double Click Zappaty Icon
Open Zappaty Application

Follow these steps to add your access token to Zappaty:

Step 1: Open the Zappaty software.

a - Click on the up arrow in your system tray.

b - Double click on the Zappaty icon.

c - Zappaty App will now be on your screen.

Step 2: Ensure "Add Project" is selected.

Step 3: Enter your access token in the box provided and Click "Go".

PLEASE NOTE: Access tokens will expire in 7 days from creation.

If your access token has expired, please send a request to the person who shared the file with you to receive a new one.