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z a p p a t y

It works this time, every time.

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Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 only
MacOS coming soon

The Collaboration
and backup toolkit
for Unity developers

Zappaty is the world’s first back-up and collaboration platform specifically designed to work with Unity.

Zappaty was born out of frustration with the complete lack of simple and cost-effective collaboration and storage solutions that worked properly within games development. Small to medium games development studios can breathe a sigh of relief as project collaboration and secure storage in Unity is now possible with this game-changing technology.

Zappaty Features

Game Objects

Lock an individual Game Object or a whole folder for exclusive development.

Share Updates

Simply release changes once made to other users to ensure everyone is up to date.

Start Quickly

Our unique upload process adds an entire project to ZAPPATY simply and quickly.

Add Users Quickly

ZAPPATY quickly allows you to add users to projects and to send them access credentials.

Great For Contractors

Allow contractors access to what they need and automatically revoke access as required.

Fully Hosted

ZAPPATY is a fully hosted solution, you don't need any local servers to get started.

Super Secure

All data is fully encrypted both in transit and at rest so peace of mind is assured.

Cost Effective

ZAPPATY only charges for the space you use, so you're not paying for unrequired features.



£ 4.99*
per month

Ideal for individuals
10GB Storage**
  • Unlimited Uploads/Downloads
  • Super Secure, Fully Hosted Project Back-Up
  • Unlimited users
  • Contractor Access
  • Simple Collaboration - Scene File and Object Locking
Technical Support
Mon - Fri 9-5pm GMT
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*Prices are subject to local sales tax/VAT.
** Per 10GB unit. You can select multiple units at checkout.