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ZAPPATY Nominated for Best Tools and Tech Scottish Games Awards 2022


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  •  Share Up To 2GB
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How do you want to use Zappaty?

I want to share a file
I want to share a file

Looking for a safe and simple way to share and transfer files or folders with your friends and family regardless of size or number of files? Just right-click and share.

 Safe and Reliable File Sharing
 No File Size Limit
 Easy File Transfer
I am a developer
I am a developer

As a software developer, you know the importance of keeping your code secure and collaborating effectively with your team. Zappaty is quick and simple to use.

 Backup and Collaborate On Your Projects.
 Easy to Use Version Control
 All Data Fully Encrypted

The Downloadable  File Sharing
 collaboration and backup tool

Zappaty is the world’s first back-up and collaboration platform specifically designed to work with large files and folders.

Zappaty was born out of frustration with the complete lack of simple and cost-effective collaboration and storage solutions that worked properly. Small to medium teams can breathe a sigh of relief as project collaboration and secure storage is now possible with this game-changing technology.

What others say about us

"ZAPPATY has revolutionized our file-sharing process, allowing us to easily and securely handle large files with its cloud-based system. Its user-friendly interface and efficient features have made collaborating with our clients and team members faster and more organized. We highly recommend Zappaty for any business that needs a reliable and secure file-sharing solution."

Client 1
Natalie Phillips, Co-Founder of SYLIN Marketing

"As a small company, we work closely with 3rd party contractors and developers. It was always inconvenient to use WeTransfer as files used to keep expiring and we couldn't really collaborate properly.

ZAPPATY now makes it easy to work together, it's just so simple and quick to use!"

Client 2
Tyler Thomas, CEO at Red Nought

"With ZAPPATY we can easily share files and collaborate on projects with team members and clients.The easy file transfer process has made it a breeze to share documents and financial reports with our clients, and the version control allows us to quickly rollabck to a previous version. Highly recommend it to any business looking for an efficient and secure file sharing tool."

Client 3
Trevor Fayers, Founder at Fayers Consulting